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Yehuda Lev Rabyn (Louis Reuben)

Photo of Samuel Reuben (left) and Louis Reuben (right), Ashley, North Dakota, 1918

Yehuda Lev Rabyn haLevi יהודה לײב בן משׁה זלמן הלוי (aka Leib, Louis, Reuben, Ruebin, Rubin) (pictured at left with his son Samuel in Ashley, ND, 1918) was born in Tiraspol, Ukraine, on 15 March 1868 (or 1871) to Moshe Zalman Rabyn haLevi. He married Mirel Chaplik in 1891. They lived in Zakharyevka (Zakharivka, today's Frunzivka, at 47° 20'N & 29° 46'E), where he was a grain merchant. He arrived in Philadelphia on the Oxford American Line from Liverpool on 22 February 1905. Mirel and the children arrived on 6 May 1906 in Baltimore. They homesteaded near Ashley, in southern North Dakota, on 80 acres they received as a grant and 80 additional acres that they purchased. Yehuda Lev's brother, Karl Reuben (aka Cupel Rubin) (c. 1872 – c. 30 July 1959), and his wife Fannie Goldstein (Feiga bat Eliezer Mikhael; daughter of Eliezer Mikhal Goldstein & Sasa Rivkah Mondel) (c. 1882 – Janaury 1948) homesteaded nearby in northern South Dakota. Sometime after Mirel's death, Leib returned to Philadelphia and married Fannie (Feiga) Gersen (1872 – 31 December 1965), daughter of Hirshel & Tzippa, who by family tradition was a "cousin." Yehuda Lev died in Philadelphia, PA, on 26 February 1953.

The name Rabyn was originally pronounced "Robbin" and in America was spelled Reuben, Rueben, Rabyn, Ruben and Rubin. Most descendants spell the name Reuben; a few spell it Ruben.

Photo of brothers Philip (Pinhas) Reuben and Sam (Shelomo Mordekha) Reuben, circa 1918

Pictured at right: Brothers Philip Reuben (top) & Samuel M. Reuben, c. 1918

These are the children of Yehuda Lev and Mirel.

Three of the Reuben children married Tilsens, creating a special relationship between the two families.

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Blitzstein Bank account record opened by Louis Reuben on 2 February 1906 to pay passage for his family to join him in Philadelphia Page 1 Page 2
Louis's Declaration of Intention filed in Ashley, North Dakota
Louis's Petition for Naturalization filed in Ashley, North Dakota
Louis's Death Certificate
Mirel Chaplik's Tombstone in the Ashley Jewish Cemetery, Ashley, North Dakota
Fannie Garsen's Death Certificate
Louis & Fannie's Tombstone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Benjamin Reuben's Birth Certificate from McIntosh County, North Dakota
Benjamin Reuben's Tombstone in the Ashley Jewish Cemetery, North Dakota
Karl Reuben's (aka Cupel Rubin) Memorial Table (presumably) at Congregation Raim Ahuvim, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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